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Blockchain Chickens?

Now that we are safely past April 1st, I'm happy to introduce you to a little project we are cooking up here at MetaPipe.

Our mission has always been to create tools empowering remote collaboration in digital content creation. As MetaPipe matures we thought, what better way to really put it through its paces than to do our own project on it?

We decided to build a blockchain based game since it's the biggest intersection of the teams interests and skill.

Landrace Crypto Critters is a blockchain based 3D digital collectable game built around scientifically plausible animal genetics. Think of Landrace critters like beenie babies you can breed... Crypto Kitties on Steroids. The critters are 3D and the genetic simulation is more rigorous than other games of this type. Maybe we are a little insane about attention to detail. (We come from a feature animation and VFX background after all.) The critters will use a complex rigging system to help power the gene expression engine. We intend for the birds to have a very high level of detail for a WebGL game.

Because the critter DNA is stored directly on the Ethereum blockchain in an ERC-721 token, you literally own your critter. This is in contrast to typical game skins and in-game assets, which the game engine usually owns. You can learn more about the nuts and bolts of the technology in the white paper on the Landrace Website.
Due to the near infinite number of genetic combinations possible, each Cryopto Chicken is unique. We even have a PhD in genetics as our science advisor. (He keeps us honest!)

The Landrace team is spread out all across the USA and we'll be using MetaPipe and Airlock for collaboration and as the backbone of our pipeline.

Right now our design has taken the direction of more dopey looking 3D cartoon characters but the look will likely evolve as we get into the 3D modeling.

Here is some early concept art:

If you are interested in getting a FREE Crypto Chicken and following the progress of the project, you can sign up to the Landrace mailing list. You can even get more chickens by referring friends! Go to www.landrace.io to sign up.

If you have questions, right now the best place to ask them is our ANNouncement thread on BitcoinTalk.org